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From the day travellers step into this country, You Fun team is passionate to make your journeys lifetime valuable with unique You Fun Experience.

Welcome Day

When you’ve come so far into a county you’d never been to, with unknown expections of how the journey, you travelling buddies, hotels, guides etc. or even your safety, a most welcoming day You Fun is determined to deliver for a successful journey from the very beginning.

  • Customzied arrival greeting
  • Clean, comfort vehicle
  • Polite and professional driver
  • Familiarize walk
  • Local gourmet welcome dinner
  • Intoduction of You Fun Journey
  • A printed city map & a trip planner
Must-see Day

Each destination has its iconic sites.

Explore Fun
Connection Moment
Learning Moment
Cultural Esence
Experimental Moment
Lacol Gourmet
Another Side of Story