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From the day travellers step into this country, You Fun team is passionate to make your journeys lifetime valuable with unique You Fun Experience.

Welcome Day

When you’ve come so far into a county you’d never been to, with unknown expections of how the journey, you travelling buddies, hotels, guides etc. or even your safety, a most welcoming day You Fun is determined to deliver for a successful journey from the very beginning.

Must-see Day

Each destination has its iconic sites. We spend 1-1.5 days to get the most out of them with excellent tour leaders.

Explore Fun

Freedom is important while travelling. An Explore Fun moment is the time our travellers use to explore at own interest, own pace but of course with efficient information support from tour leaders.

Cultural Essence

Performance, art collection, festival etc which highly recognized as cultural essence of China. Such as acrobat performance, musical show, are gallary etc.

Local Gourmet

Each destination, we organize at least one meal, that include the most representative local delicacy. Our collections of restaurants are unique.

Another Side of Story

Activities that include knowledge, stories, connections with local people which travellers rarely get by doing regular tour or visiting tour sites or attractions. These local people are not from the field of tourism.

Connection Moment

Special moment or activities include You Fun recognized true connections & interactions with local people.

Learning Moment

Activities which include learning about local culture, can be a cooking, taichi, calligraphy, language class or even a certain lecture about China from local expertise or tour leaders.

Experimental Moment

Activities include experimental travel ideas. Great fun but meaningful!!