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Discover Tibet - 16 Days

Discover Tibet trip offers a great combination of not missing Great Wall, Palaces and parks in Beijing, the Ancient City Wall and Terracotta Army in Xi’an. Enjoy visiting the lovely Giant Pandas and delicious Sichuan Hotpot then fly over mountains to Tibet. It is one of the most mystical and spiritually holy places on earth. People are extremely religious and friendly. Base from Lhasa we start the round trip adventure to Mt. Everest. Along the journey, we see beautiful landscape, lakes, mountains and of course the remarkable Rongbuk Monastery. There will be much travelling for sure, however, the experience and the scenery is incomparable and rewarding.
Day 1

Arrive at Beijing airport and make your own way to the starting hotel. Refresh and prepare for an exciting journey. Enjoy a Beijing Roast Duck dinner after welcome meeting.

Meals: Welcome Dinner (Beijing Roast Duck)

Hotel: Comfort Hotel

Activities: Welcome Meeting

Day 2

Get ready for a great day trip to the GREAT WALL of China. Start early in the morning and drive to Mutianyu Great Wall. Explore one of the world’s most amazing construction wonders. Head back to Beijing in the afternoon afterward. In the evening, there’s an option to see a great stage play – The Legend of Kongfu.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodataions: Comfort Hotel

Activities: Great Wall Excursion

Optional Activities: Kungfu Legend (39USD)

Day 3
Beijing/Overnight Train

Start from the morning to explore the amazing Beijing. Hop on a local bus heading to the world’s largest city square – Tiananmen Square. Walk from the square into the former royal palace of 600 years – Forbidden City. Join in a beautiful taste of Beijing traditional culture in old living quarter. Later in the afternoon, transfer to station for an overnight train (First Class) experience.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Accommodataions: Overnight train, first class sleeper

Activities: Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City Guided Tour, Hutong Cultural Tour

Day 4
Overnight Train/Xi'an

Arrive into the ancient walled city Xi’an in the morning, transfer to hotel. Freshen up and get ready to explore the historical but vibrant city – the 600-years-old City Wall, 1200-years-old Grand Mosque. In the Muslim Quarter around the Great Mosque. All kinds of snacks and gift shops are along. Enjoy a dumpling cooking lession and end the day with a beautiful dumpling banquet.

Meals: Dumpling Cooking Class & Banquet Dinner

Accommodataions: Comfort Hotel

Activities: Walking Tour, Dumpling Cooking Class

Optional Activities: City Wall

Day 5

Today it’s a Must-See day. Transer to the world-famous Terracotta Army Museum, see the terra-cotta soldiers and horses right at the site where they were buried more than 2000 years. Listen to stories of the emperor and history of the powerful ancient dynasty. There’s a chance to pick up a traditional Chinese brush pen for a calligraphy class to learn about Han Zi (Chinese Charaters), one of the oldest surving language in the world. There’s free time to explore the night beauty of Xi’an.

Meals: Breakfast, Home Cooking Lunch

Accommodataions: Comfort Hotel

Activities: Terra-cotta Army Museum, Chinese Calligraphy Lesson

Day 6

Check out in the morning, transfer to visit the 2000 years old tomb Hanyangling, which belongs to the fourth emperor of one of the most important dynasties in China, Han Dynasty. Later, travel to station and enjoy a relaxing bullet train journey to Chengdu. Finish the day with a famous Hotpot dinner.

Meals: Breakfast, Hotpot Dinner

Accommodations: Comfort Hotel

Activities: Hanyangling Guided Tour

Day 7

Get up early to see the Pandas. In the afternoon, sit back in an old-style teahouse. Enjoy a cup of tea like local does in the People’s Park. Optional to watch a traditional opera in the evening.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodations:Comfort Hotel

Activities: Chengdu Panda Breeding Centre, the People’s Park, Tea Tasting

Optional Activities: Sichuan Opera

Day 8

Transfer to airport and fly to Lhasa (Elv. 3650 M). Transfer to hotel and take a quiet afternoon to adjust to the elevation level. Optional to joint the tour leader for an easy walk to see the night view of Potala Palace.

Meals: Breakfast

Hotel: Comfort Hotel

Day 9

Take a full day visiting tow of the most important historical/cultural sites in and around Lhasa with private transfer, Drephung Monastery (Elv. 3800M), the world’s largest monastery and Sera Monastery (Elv. 3700 M), where we will witness fascinating monks’ debate.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodations: Comfort Hotel

Activities: Day Tour to Drephung Monastery and Sera Monastery

Day 10

Full day visit to two World Heritage Sites, Potala Palace (Elv. 3700M) and Jokhang Temple (Elv. 3650M). Potala Palace is the administration centre for Tibetan Budhhist and a true master piece of Tibetan arts while Jokhang Monastery is the ultimate pilgrimage destination for Tibetan Pilgrims.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodations: Comfort Hotel

Activities: Day tour to Potala Palace and Jokhang Monastery

Day 11

Today we travel further into Gyangtse (Elv. 4050M), more rural region of Tibet. The travelling takes approx. 7 hours, with stops at the beautiful sacred lake Yamdrok(Elv. 4441M) and later Karola Glacier (Elv. 5000M). The scenery along the way is breathtaking. In the later afternoon, visit Pelkoor Chode Monastery(Elv. 4000M) and follow tour leader for a walking through the old quarter of the town.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodations: Local Hotel

Activities: Yamdrok Lake, Karola Glacier, Pelkoor Chode Monastery

Day 12

Check out and transfer to Sakya (Elv. 4300M). The journey is appox. 5 hours with breaks along the way. Visit Sakya Monastery in the later afternoon.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodations: Local Hotel

Activities: Sakya Monastery Visit

Day 13
Sakya/Rongbuk Monastery

With an early start today, we will reach the Everest National Park. Approx. 6 hours drive take us to the Rongbuk Monastery (Elv. 5150M), the highest monastery in the world. Enjoy the rewarding scenery of the Everest Range. You may also explore the monastery.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodation: Basic Guesthouse

Day 14
Rongbuk Monastery/Shigatse

Travel from Rongbuk to Shigatse (Elv. 4000M) today (approx. 7hrs). Shigatse is the second biggest city in Tibet. In this busy, mountain-clasped city there are still strong reminders of Tibetan culture. Take a short drive from the hotel, visit Tashilhunpo Monastery. This massive complex is visited daily by hundreds of devotees, armed with yak butter to feed the lamps, who prostrate themselves around the stupas or walk up to the chapel.

Meals: Breakfast

Accomodations: Comfort Hotel

Activities: Tashilhunpo Monastery Visit

Day 15

Head back to Lhasa today (approx. 5 hrs). Enjoy some relaxing time before meeting for farewell dinner.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodations: Comfort Hotel

Day 16

Depart any time for onward travelling.

Meals: Breakfast


  • Welcome Peking Duck Dinner
  • Mutianyu Great Wall
  • Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City
  • Hutong Culture Tour (rickshaw riding, lunch, paper cutting class and family visi)
  • Muslim Quarter Walking Tour
  • Dumpling Cooking Class &Banquet
  • Terracotta Army Museum Guided Tour
  • Chinese Calligraphy lesson
  • Home Cooking Lunch
  • Chengdu Hotpot Dinner
  • Chengdu Panda Breeding Center
  • People’s Park & Tea Tasting
  • Drephung Monastery
  • Sera Monastery
  • Potala Palace
  • Jokhang Monastery &Bakhor Street
  • Yamdrok Lake
  • Pelkor Chode Monastery
  • Sakya Monastery
  • The Everest National Park & Rongbuk Monastery
  • Tashilhunpo Monastery
  • Knowledgeable and passionate tour leader
  • Tibetan Local Guide


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Discover Tibet
From $ 4,360.00
per Adult

Trip Facts

  • Max 16
  • 16 days
  • Classic
  • Beijing, Xi'an,Chengdu, Lhasa, Gyangtse, Sakya, Everest National Park, Shigatse, Lhasa
  • 3.5 Out of 5
  • 16+
  • Journeys

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