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China by Bullet Trains - 21 Days

We are introducing this 21-day journey with pride. The use of fast growing bullet train network between most destinations makes sure the trip is highly efficient.  The loop from Hong Kong to Hong Kong takes you to an in-depth adventure. Start from the beautiful landscape in Yangshuo, Pandas and delicious hotpot in Chengdu, the Terra-cotta Army and City Wall in Xi’an, Kungfu experience in Shaolin Monastery, Forbidden City and Great Wall in vibrant capital city Beijing then head south to the modern and lively Shanghai, the starting point of Sea Silk Road Quanzhou, the traditional Tulou roundhouse in the countryside, with our excellent journey leader leading the way, there’s so much freedom for you to enjoy the ride.

Day 1
Arrival/Hong Kong

Arrival in Hong Kong, make your own way to starting hotel. Relax before meeting your journey leader for briefing of the exciting journey. Take an orientation walk and enjoy the night view from Victoria Harbour.

Accommodataions: Comfort Hotel

Activities: Group Meeting, Orientaion Walk to Harbour

Day 2
Hong Kong/Yangshuo

Enjoy a dimsum breakfast before check out. Walk to West Kowloon Station and board on the direct bullet train to Yangshuo. Transfer from station to hotel in Yangshuo. Stretch your legs with evening explore in this small but lively town.

Meals: Breakfast, Welcome Dinner

Accommodations: Comfort Hotel

Day 3


Hop on a bike and follow our tour leader, cycle along the winding country roads for breathtaking views of the area.

Meals: Breakfast, Homec-cooking Lunch

Accommodations: Comfort Hotel

Activities: Countryside Cycling Tour

Optional Activities: Impression – Ms Liu Sanjie Light Show

Day 4

Enjoy a free morning before joining a private tour to tea plantation upon the mountains and one of the best viewing point for scenery along the famous Li River, Xianggong Mountain. Learning about Chinese tea from fresh tea leaves to tea ceremony.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodations: Comfort Hotel

Activities: Tea Plantation & Xianggong Mt. Tour

Optional Activities: Chinese Cooking Class

Day 5

Check out in the morning then transfer to Guilin for bullet train to Chengdu (7 hrs). Arrive in Chengdu and transfer to hotel. Enjoy delicious hotpot dinner and the nightlife of Chengdu.

Meals: Breakfast, Hotpot Dinner

Accommodations: Comfort Hotel

Activities: Hotpot Dinner

Day 6

Enjoy a free day to explore many of the interesting places in Chengdu, or to join the optional Leshan Giant Budhha & Old Town Day Excursion. In the evening, there’s also an option to see an amazing Sichuan Opera with face-changing performance.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodations: Comfort Hotel

Optional Activities: Giant Budhha & Old Town Excursion, Sichua Opera

Day 7

Get up early to see the Pandas. In the afternoon transfer to station. Board on highspeed train to Xi’an. Try your cooking skills in the Dumpling Cooking Class & Bangquet in the evening.

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Accommodations: Comfort Hotel

Activities: Chengdu Panda Breeding Center, Dumpling Cooking Class & Banquet

Day 8

In the morning, transfer to visit the 2000 years old tomb Hanyangling, which belongs to the fourth emperor of one of the most important dynasties in China, Han Dynasty. Explore the ancient City Wall and around and learn about Chinese culture in the Calligraphy Class.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodations: Comfort Hotel

Activities: Hanyangling Guided Tour, City Wall, Calligraphy Class

Day 9

Transer to the world-famous Terracotta Army Museum, see the terra-cotta soldiers and horses right at the site where they were buried more than 2000 years. Listen to stories of the First Emperor and the history of his powerful dynasty. Transfer to station, travel to Luoyang by bullet train. Overnight in Luoyang.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Accommodations: Comfort Hotel

Activities: Terra-cotta Army Museum Guide Tour

Day 10

Drive to Shaolin Temple in the morning and start our adventur in the birthplace of Shaolin Kungfu. Visit the 1800 years old Shaolin Temple and then take Shaolin Kongfu (Chinese Martial Art) Lesson. Transfer back to Hotel in Luoyang.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodations: Comfort Hotel

Activities: Shaolin Temple Visit, Shaolin Kongfu Lesson

Day 11

Check out in the morning and transfer to visit one of the 4 greatest Budhhist Grottos in China, Longman Grottos. Board on bullet train directly from Longmen Station for Beijing. Enjoy delicious Beijing Roast Duck dinner in the evening.

Meals: Breakfast, Beijing Roast Duck Dinner

Accommodations: Comfort Hotel

Activities: Longman Grottos Excursion

Day 12

Start early in the morning and drive to Mutianyu Great Wall. Explore one of the world’s most amazing construction wonders. In the afternoon, head back to Beijing – there’s an option to see a great stage play – The Legend of Kongfu.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodataions: Comfort Hotel

Activities: Great Wall

Optional Activities: Kungfu Legend (39USD)

Day 13

In the morning, hop on a local bus and follow journey leader to visit Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City, a masterpiece of traidtional Chinese architectures & arts. See with your own eyes where China was ruled from for 400 years. Explore the most traditional living style of Beijing on a rickshaw ride in Hutong. Visit a special host who lived his whole life in Hutong.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Accommodations: Comfort Hotel

Activities: Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City Guided Tour, Hutong Culture Tour, Family Visit

Day 14
Beijing/Overnight Train

Enjoy a free morning to explore more of the colorful capital. Transfer to station in the later afternoon for overnight sleeper bullet train experience to Shanghai.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodations: Overnight Sleeper Train, First ClassComfort Hotel

Day 15
Overnight Train/Shanghai

Arrive in Shanghai in the morning, transfer to hotel and then follow journey leader for a walking tour, check out the secret alley ways, local markets and historic architectures in the modern city. In the evening, enjoy the world’s best acrobatics show.

Accommodataions: Comfort Hotel

Activities: Shanghai Walking Tour, Acrobatic Show

Optional Activities: Shanghai Tower, Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai Museum

Day 16

Today is a travelling day. Board on the bullet train (7.5 hrs) in the morning and head for the starting point of the Sea Silk Road, the historical city of Quanzhou.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodations: Comfort Hotel

Day 17

Follow our journey leader to explore the undiscover city and around. Travel by bus for an hour to Chongwu Fortress Town. Located by the sea, this old town was built in 1387 to defense the pirate intrusions. Wonder through the narrow alleyways and discover the local life style. Afterward head back to Kaiyuan Temple and enjoy a relax walk in the old quarter to Quanzhou.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodations: Comfort

Activities: Chongwu Ancient Fortress Town Excursion, Kaiyuan Temple and Old Street Walking Tour

Day 18

Travel by bullet train to Longyan and then hop on local bus to the Hakka village of traditional Tulou dwellings which exist for hundreds of years in the mountainous area of Fujian and Guangdong. Enjoy home cooking dinner in the guesthouse.

Meals: Break, Dinner

Accommodations: Local Guesthouse

Day 19

Follow the tour leader to visit some of the amazing Tulou building. This extraordinary type of Chinese rural dwellings is usually a large, enclosed and fortified earth building. Rectangular or circular in configuration with very thick load-bearing rammed earth walls between three and five stories high, some can house up to 80 families.

In the evening, enjoy a hands-on experience of making local rice wine with demostrations by the lovely hosts of our guesthouse.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodation: Local Guesthouse

Activities: Tulou & Village Visit, Rice Win Making & Tasting Experience

Day 20

Private transfer to Longyang Station and enjoy a ride to the yougest but one of the biggest cities in China, Shenzhen. Overnight in Shenzhen.

Meals: Breakfast, Farewell Dinner

Accommodations: Comfort Hotel

Day 21

Depart anytime for onward travelling.


  • Welcome Dinner in Yangshuo
  • Yangshuo Countryside Cycling
  • Xianggong Mountain & Tea Plantation
  • Chengdu Panda Breeding Center
  • Terracotta Warriors Museum Guided Tour
  • Calligraphy Lesson
  • Dumpling Making Experience
  • Shaolin Temple
  • Shaolin Kongfu Lesson
  • Longmen Grottos Visit
  • Mutianyu Great Wall Excursion
  • Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City
  • Hutong Culture Tour
  • Beijing Roasted Duck dinner
  • Shanghai City Walking Tour
  • Shanghai Acrobatics Show
  • Chongwu Ancient Fotress Town
  • Kaiyuan Temple & Old Streets
  • Hakka Tulou Visit
  • Rice Wine Making & Tasting Experience.
  • Farewell dinner
  • Knowledgeable and passionate tour leader

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money should I bring for meals not included?

Please allow 15-20 USD per day for meals not included.

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China by Bullet Trains
From $ 4,323.00
per Adult

Trip Facts

  • Max 16
  • 21 days
  • Rail
  • Hong Kong, Yangshuo, Chengdu, Xi'an, Luoyang, Beijing, Shanghai, Quanzhou, Tulou, Shenzhen
  • 2
  • 12+
  • Journeys

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