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why travel with us

You Fun Travel Team is passionate about travelling, about China and about sharing it to the world.

If back in the '80s, travelling with a local brand may not be the best idea. However, nowadays with the readiness the country has and the advanced technologies benefiting the travelling world, WHY NOT?

Best Balanced Value

While many focus on cost while providing travel service. We do the same but more, we design all our services with huge respect for travellers' time.

Local Expertise

Our team members are knowledgeable and specialized in different aspects of creating unique travel experiences, equipped with abundant experience in the industry.

Cultural Connections

True connections & inspirations are among the services in the form of You Fun Unique Experiences which are often outside of the "tourism" box.

No Hidden Fees

We don't add hidden extras cost. Included activities are listed item to item on trip itineraries. Optional activities are listed with average cost or price range.

Unique Experiences

We are dedicated to creating in-depth travel experiences that connect you to this diverse yet fast-developing country. Many of these experiences are barely included in regular tours.

latest articles

Updates, stories and information by You Fun Travel Team, writers and travellers.

Mahjong, the National Treasure

Mahjong game has been popular for several centuries in China. The game is so wide-spread especially in Sichuan that almost everybody is playing anywhere you can think of. Mahjong has become part of social life. Since Sichuan is located in the seismic zone where an …

Tour Guide in China

It would never be an easy job to be a guide in China, as it is a country of a long history, rich and continuous culture and the large population. Such a profound country has been greatly misunderstood and even its own people are not …

Introducing You Fun Travel

With the openness the country has now, technology especially on mobile devices, internet and information, we are capable to offer much greater value to your trip and create healthier and happier communities via travel.

about Us

You Fun Travel is founded in the pursuit of a trustworthy local brand for travellers. Our team focus on creating travel experiences that inspire and unique services that value the best possible for time and money.

- Expert Team
- Great Value for Time and Money
- Connections with Real Culture
- Unique You Fun Experiences

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